Biography Mildred Aubry

Brazilian, Mildred has grown linstening to popular Bossa Nova and Brazilian songs. She learned to play the piano and, after that, the guitar, but her voice was what firstly brought happiness to those who were closer to her, reaching, later, a bigger audience in the state of São Paulo. In a country where the music reigns, she played and singed with various groups. Her warm voice seduced people in many different festivals where she performed with friends, also musicians, Bitenka, Kalau, Beto Passarela, Gustavo Giovelli, Wanderley Caversan, Nando Sabbag, just to mention a few.

Living in Switzerland for several years, she was discovered there in a musical contest in which she won the first prize, in 1987. In the same time she takes care of her family and work she express her love for music by performing around Switzerland and Germany. Mildred opened the show for Beth Carvalho, a famous brazilian singer, in Wettingen, and also performed with the Amazonia Group, in the Montreux festival. Normally Mildred perfomances are done together with musicians from her homeland, like Ademir Candido playing guitar, Rodrigo Botter Maio, sax, Tonico and Fabio Freire, percussion, and Ecio Parreira, guitar.

In the show named «Mildred sings Chico Buarque», who is one of the most important singers and composers in Brazil, she was joined, also, by swiss musicians, as Claude Rossel piano, Mathieu Schneider, flute,  Olivier Nussbaum, contrabass, and Alain Tissot, drums.  Her next show was «I am the Samba»,  together with Floriano Inacio Junior (piano, cavaquinho, guitar), Admir Candido (guitar) and Tonico e François Sever (percussion).