Mildred – Way


Life is nothing more than a passage. Way.

For reasons that I cannot say, all my people led me to the music which was my companion and witness. Confidante and, at the same time, where I revealed myself. My first CD is a tribute to the music that set the tone, offered the rhythm and allowed the singing in my life. This project is the fruit of the work of musicians, poets and friends and a result of the internal power which moved me in the fulfillment of this dream. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to express the love I feel through my voice and, in the accomplishment of this CD, the consecration of this feeling.

Recorded : Abril 2015 Andy Neresheimer at Hardstudios Switzerland
Mixed : Alexandre Fontanetti at Space Blues at São Paulo, Brazilian
Mixing assistant : Bruno Fiacadori
Mastered : Homero Lotito at Reference Mastering Studio at São Paulo, Brazilian
Produced and Arranged by Floriano Inácio Jr.
Executive Producer : Peter Burli, SRF 2 Kultur and Mildred Aubry
Graphics: Theres Windmüller
Photography: Philippe Aubry / Stefano Aubry

Mildred Aubry Vocal
Floriano Inácio Jr Piano, Cavaquinho
Dudu Penz Electric bass, Bass
Roberto Taufic Guitar
Mauro Martins Drums
João Bastos Flute Alto Flute
Frederico Henning Mandolin
Rodrigo Botter Maio Soprano Sax
Jr Denden Guitar 7 strings,Banjo
Daniel Pezzotti Cello
Renato Campos Percussions
Fabinho César Percussions